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I just replaced my ABS sensors yesterday, and it didn't do anything to solve the problem. I'm still looking into it but some of the things I've had recommended are: -Check wiring harness and ground wires -Check the float in the resevior, if it is acting up, it will cause the lights to come on -Check ECM (not really sure how this comes into play, but that's what a mechanic told me) I'll be doing that this weekend more than likely, and let you know if any of it works. i think your allowed to have up to 2" diff between the front and rear.. lol Ryan 2001 Blazer 2 door 5spd (Daily Driver) Clear corners and LED bulbs, 6000k HIDs, Viper 3002 security Kenwood KVT-617DVD. With the engine running, I turned the ignition key "Just A Little" toward the start position until the lights go out (My shift indicator, odometer, and clock also went out), release the key and it will recycle the entire light cycle again and GUESS WHAT!! Be Careful NOT to turn the key all the way to the START Position.I decided to take it for a test drive to see if they would stay out, no such luck!! While I was still moving, I repeated the above procedure, same results, the lights went out. I ended up going almost 10 miles with no ABS or BRAKE Light glowing in my eyes!! (Fingers Crossed) Hopefully this might shed some light on a new CAUSE to be investigated..My ABS light and parking brake light comes on everytime I start my truck, and they stay on when I'm driving around, even though my brakes are not on. If it gets brighter, and it won't be by much, the brakelight switch is bad. I don't know if this "test" will work on the S10's but it's a no-cost way to check.

I was hauling an engine block and it went off, it'll stay off some of the time and flickers when i turn. my 99 did the same thing mentioned, the ABS would activate at just under 10mph, slippery or not.

I also wired a 10 gauge ground wire that goes directly to the battery to the same self tapping screw.

I've put about 100 miles on and it has fixed the problem once again also driving on rough terrain all without fail.

I started having the problem when I converted the 13" Corvette brakes and Blazer/Jimmy Sealed hubs and spindles.

My hubs are new and we have recently replaced the hubs in the Jimmy but both the ABS and Brake lights are still on.

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I think it is rather suspect that all of the 00-03 models seem to be having this problem. My mechanic had a buddy certified in GM brake systems send him some diagnostic info, and it all pretty much boiled down the the abs control module, which will probably run right around $1000.

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