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He asks why the struggle for freedom has yet to be won, why a form of apartheid still rules and why this oppression has become a model for much of the world in the 21st century.WATCH THE LECTUREYou can also watch John Pilger's 1999 film Apartheid Did Not Die on this website.Rio Cinema, Tuesday 28 November, 6pm: Fundraiser screening for Stop the War Coalition. BUY TICKETSThe Barbican, Friday 8 December, 1.50pm: Screening as part of the Global Health Film Festival.

This issue's keynote and supporting articles are the result of two years' work on a documentary film about the shift of the world's economic power east, to China, and the US reaction to this challenge to its dominance.Contact John Hoskyns-Abrahall at [email protected] On Easter Sunday, April 16, The Coming War on China was broadcast nationally in Australia on the SBS Network and received this 5-star preview from Sydney Sun-Herald, the Melbourne Sunday Age and other Fairfax newspapers...THE COMING WAR ON CHINA***** 5 stars Acclaimed journalist and human rights firebrand John Pilger stares down those who would defend America's ongoing military presence in the Pacific at significant cost to the indigenous population.Chris Graham reports on the trial in Perth, Australia of the white man who killed Elijah Doughty, an Aboriginal teenager, and the litany of killings and injustice that preceded it and mark the other Australia behind the sunny mask.On May 5, John Pilger was presented with the Order of Timor-Leste by East Timor's Ambassador to Australia, Abel Gutteras, in recognition of his reporting on East Timor under Indonesia's brutal occupation, especially his landmark documentary film, Death of a Nation: the Timor Conspiracy. John Pilger's prescient new film, The Coming War on China, has attracted huge interest in China, understandably.

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To mark the acquisition of the Pilger archive, 'The Power of the Documentary', the Library has staged a festival of John Pilger's films and others representing the best of the craft.

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