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I came from the America where Will Smith and Denzel Washington, two Black actors, annually rule the box office hits of hypocritical Hollywood.

White male actors like Bruce Willis and Matthew Mc Conaughey can't even hold a candle to the charisma and box office prowess of these Black superstars.

White women are considered the world's standards of beauty. That's why they get mad when they see a pretty White chick with a Black guy, even if the White man in question is married to a Black woman.

It's not fair, it may not be right but it is what it is. The beautiful White woman is a prize in the eyes of the world.

Donald Street near Saint Laurent Mall is the place I call home these days. I attend Carleton University, and major in Criminology. My latest is a fascination for tall bossy older White women wielding strap-on dildos.I'm here because I'm a fan of online interracial erotica, I just want it revamped. I've yearned to get butt-fucked by such a lady for ages.Recently, I had an unforgettable encounter with this tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed, forty-something dominatrix in the suburbs of Ottawa. For the longest time, I liked big and tall Black women with chubby bodies, wide hips, big legs and huge round asses.I used to say that the Black Goddess was my standard of beauty.Well, after a year and a half living in the City of Ottawa, my tastes have changed.

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Group Two included the Afro-Caribbean folks, meaning Black folks from places like the Republic of Haiti, the island of Jamaica, Trinidad and of course, Afro-Cubans from the island of Cuba. I lament the fact that Haitians are just as eager to hate Somalians as the bigoted White men and White women who live in the City of Ottawa. To do so would threaten their ideology of racial supremacy and Clobal White Imperialism. Black Canadians seem incapable of loving each other.

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