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We doubt Omarosa would say she's glad she got fired -- hell, she won't even admit she was -- but she's definitely making the most of her newfound free time.

20, she's been jetting all over the country since she was, ummm ...

Take a look: For a long time I, already the mother of two, felt very removed from the discussion of single motherhood by choice. What would you tell a friend who feels the clock ticking?

That is one decision I’ll never personally have to make.

Monica made headlines when she announced her pregnancy back in January, with the frank admission that she had turned to an anonymous donor.

She is also the youngest sister of fellow actress Penélope Cruz.Penelope Cruz is going to have a new niece or nephew later this year!The star’s sister, Monica Cruz, has decided to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor and jump into motherhood on her own. I have managed to fulfil the dream of a lifetime,” Monica Cruz, a famous model and actress in her own right who also happens to be the younger sister of Penelope Cruz, announced to Spanish paper .The sisters are said to have been heavily involved with all aspects of the collaboration.They have sourced vintage pieces and fabric swatches for inspiration, as well as designing the labels and hangers.

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The couple were joined by Penelope's mum Encarna and brother Eduardo.

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