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For example, the first time a girl tried this on me, we had agreed to meet at a coffeeshop that was just up the street from my house in downtown Davao.

Not an hour before our date, after I’d already arrived at the mall where the shop was, I get a text from her asking if we can meet at this other mall that happens to be closer to her house…

La o l'islam passe, la civilisation trpasse" Ibn Khaldoun *"l' islam est une loi pour les pourceaux" Ibn Roshd "Je suis le prophte du carnage.

The husband has the right to have sex with his wife even if she is above the camel 8A woman shall not fast without the permission of her husband ?

Honest Filipinas deal with their struggles with dignity and are too proud to ask for handouts from foreigners; I once tried to give my current girlfriend money for a taxi and she flatly refused.

Sunna : Sahih Boukhari, Volume 1 Aisha et 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas rapportent qu'aux derniers moments de sa vie, l'Aptre d'Allah couvrit son visage de sa 'khamisa', puis quand il eut chaud et manqua d'air, il lta de son visage et dit : "Qu'Allah maudisse les juifs et les chrtiens ; ils ont construit des lieux de prire sur la tombe de leurs Prophtes." the last words of mohammad were / may allah curse christians and jews SO THOSE MUFTIS ARE JUST FOLLOWING THIS MAD PEDOPHILE ?

A Saudi court has ruled that the value of one womans life is equal to that of one mans leg.

La solution fut vite trouve : recourir aux razzias et au pillage.

Voici le verset 50 de la sourate 33 lui accordant cette faveur : Prophte, nous t'avons permis tes pouses qui tu as donn un douaire, les captives que Dieu t'a fait acqurir la guerre, les filles de tes oncles et tantes paternels, les filles de tes oncles et tantes maternels, celles qui ont migr avec toi, toute croyante qui se donne au prophte s'il veut l'pouser.

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If a person has been killed or caused to die by another, the latter has to pay blood money or compensation as follows: 100,000 riyals if the victim is a Muslim man 50,000 riyals if a Muslim woman 50,000 riyals if a Christian man 25,000 riyals if a Christian woman 6,666 riyals if a Hindu man 3,333 riyals if a Hindu woman In a Saudi school textbook, after the intolerance was supposedly removed, the 10th-grade text on jurisprudence said: "Blood money for a free infidel.

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