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The power of positive thinking is well-known to psychologists, but what does it actually mean? He must see your great qualities or he wouldn’t have called! Treat yourself right and talk yourself positive with these five simple sentences that are guaranteed to bring out your confident side! “I am beautiful, funny and smart” It’s the perfect line to boost your pre – date confidence. Find out how to stop these anxious thoughts and how to replace them with positive ones! Do you ever suddenly freeze up when you're around the woman you're attracted to?Perhaps you get the exact opposite and talk too much, too fast.Then as far as she knows, you are a guy who is nervous, fumbles your words and runs out of things to say.Of course a little nervousness with a smile can be endearing and can even help you, but if you can't let your best self shine through soon and if you end up getting so nervous that you just want to get out of there, then it's hard to see that person you like ever be attracted to you.Have you ever felt yourself shaking with self-consciousness when you are talking to someone that you've got a crush on? Have you ever fallen in love with someone before you've even dated them and got jealous and upset when they go out with another man?

That's why first impressions can be so hard to change.

Date: December 01, 2017 From: Slade Shaw Dear Friend, Before sharing with you the secrets to becoming a vibrant, supremely self confident guy who is ultra attractive to virtually all women, I have a few questions that I'd like to ask you....

Have you ever seen someone from across the room that you really like, or who you'd really love to meet....

I show you how to stop this in its tracks so you can About 7 months ago my wife dropped the bombshell that she no longer loved me in the same way and that she wanted to separate. Then I registered for the Supreme Self Confidence course and to this day I haven't looked back.

In fact I look forward to my regular updates from the ultimate "love guru." The course really has given me a taste of what lies out there and the inside track on how to get it and keep it.

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