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Saw this movie at the festival Movies That Matter (what is in a name? The first half, in Iran, was interesting, especially their visit to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, when trying to find out what was allowed and what not.For example, they showed a draft CD cover, after which they learned that English texts were forbidden, unless unavoidable for very specific reasons, like proper names.Two DJ's in Tehran are battling to play the music they love and set up dance parties.

All of this, condensed in the final minutes of the movie, offered food for thought, contrary to the rest of their stay in Zürich that was anecdotal at best.Our amazing customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you have, and as members of the Online Dating Association, we'll do everything we can to make your time on MSF as safe and secure as possible. It’s online dating as you’ve never seen it before – no profile photos, matches are chosen for you, and parents must also go on the first date, but is Iran’s government-controlled dating service fighting a losing battle against Western desires?It's a country in a continuous state of transition, something unavoidable when hosting numerous cultural, linguistic and ethnic groups, as well as several religions.The latter counters our false notion that Islam is the one and only recognized religion in Iran.

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