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BDSM activities are practised by male and female individuals of all sexualities: gay or straight, or bisexual, as well as the transgendered.Many practise their BDSM activities exclusively in private, and do not share their predilections with others. The BDSM community can be regarded as a subculture within mainstream society.People who practice BDSM tend to reject the view of their activities as disordered.The term power exchange is associated with a submissive exchanging his/her authority to make decisions (either just for a scene, or for his/her entire life) for the dominant’s agreement to take responsibility for his/her happiness and health.The nature of the power exchange varies greatly and can be explicitly negotiated or implicit in the consensuality of the relationship.A submissive person is one who submits of their own free will and seeks to submit to another.

Indeed, a strong minority of BDSM participants (especially ‘bottoms’) may well take part in a scene they do not derive any physical pleasure from in order to provide their ‘top’ with an opportunity to indulge their desires or fetishes.

Some BDSM activities may be potentially dangerous if proper precautions are neglected.

One aspect to make sure safety is to agree upon a safeword.

This can be in the context of play times within a set scene, totally immersed within a power exchange relationship or anywhere in between.

A dominant person enjoys being with a submissive person, either just during a scene or as a way of life.

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