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"Duke" is normally a very exalted title; however, when equating the dignity of some dukes, some insight is needed.

For example, Ferdinand of the Two Sicilies created dukes in Naples almost by the gross, and these titles cannot be considered equal to dukes in the British or other continental systems. a noble in charge of the marches (the border regions) of a realm in distinction to other lords in more-settled lands.

A knighthood is not transferrable, lasting only for the lifetime of the holder.

The term, knight, has come to be identified with a mounted warrior in service of his sovereign, but the earliest known usage of the term in Britain was Alfred the Great's knighting of his infant grandson, Athelstan (c.890).

Not all British nobles have baronies and many viscounts, for example, do not.

The English kings introduced the French ducal structure into the British system, and it was initially a mostly royal title (as all new creations during the 20th century).In Britain, the title was created in 1385; the borders in question are the marches between England and Wales or Scotland. The term, Earl, derives from the Old Norse word, jarl, meaning warrior, nobleman.The continental equivalent is Count, which derives from the Latin word, comes.Nobility in Britain has traditionally represented the highest attainable stratum of society below the level of royalty, and is a social pre-eminence usually based on heredity and, most common nowadays, on distinguished public service.A hereditary title can be passed to a member of the family, whereas non-hereditary titles cannot.

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In the UK, life peers are always barons or baronesses.

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