Dating m1 garand stocks

Two things that I can think of: 1) it was sanded off during its time with the military or during its time with its civilian owner.2) look real close for an ordnance wheel stamp on either side of the stock.The reason is Overton made lots of stocks and stamped them at time of manufacture begining in 1952.

Sometimes the factory sanding was deep and the DOD stamp was lightly struck.

I have a 5171xxx CMP collector grade with a 4-53 LMR barrel that has a stock barrel channel of 1554.

I really don't think the barrel channel numbers are matched closely to serial number. I looked at the "Official IHC Numbers thread" and noted that a lot of the SR# after mine were dated Jan - Feb -March 54. You can be sure it was "born" at some date after that. So what is the possiblity that my 5,178,xxx (barrel dated 1 54) having the stock it was issued with that was made in 1952? I am also still confused about the lack of a DOD acceptance stamp.

I need to swap out a SA bolt and op rod (op rod can go on my 849,xxx SA :cool:) and at this point the rest looks correct, except for the stock thus the creation of this thread.

The stock has the correct circled P proof mark on the grip but no DOD acceptance stamp.

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Before the eagle and stars stamp, IHC stamped their stocks with an ordnance wheel.

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