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Scott the pin-up swot and Charlene the lippy mechanic hated each other. Rumours of an off-screen romance between Kylie and Jason further fuelled our fascination.

They became a “supercouple", gracing the covers of teenage magazines and tabloids alike.

After a rocky on-off courtship, Scott and Charlene married in 1988 amid a hail of confetti, chantilly lace, hoop earrings and bad hair.

They were soap royalty and it was up there with the Duke and Duchess of York's nuptials two years before.

Sing it with me: “Suddenly you’re seeing me just the way I am…” Neighbours Night is on Wednesday 18 March on Channel 5 from 10pm.

The theme tune was catchy, the bubble-perms were sun-bleached and even the language was exotic: “rack off, you dag”, “on the grog”, "you little ripper", “galahs” and “flamin’ mongrels”.

I will be busy with promotion activities and interviews. ) Not him but other artiste and I hope to announce the news soon. ) Inconvenient to talk about it and I leave it to the company and lawyer.

) No special feeling and I feel happy for my old friend. I am busy working and a major project is coming soon.

Since then, the 34-year-old has been embroiled in a number of dating rumours, though she has never confirmed any of them.

Recently, it was reported that the singer-actress is in a new relationship with Anthony Shi, the son of the “King of Mahjong Dens,” after being introduced to each other by Charlene’s good friends, casino heiress Laurinda Ho and Hong Kong singer Mayao Ma.

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