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Lana quickly learnt that, when it comes to identity theft on social networks and dating applications, consumer protection is far more lax than that for lost or stolen credit cards.Here, banks are obliged to cover costs incurred as a result of fraud.Figures from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) show a 33 per cent increase in reported cases in 2014 alone.The explosion of social media has made it easier than ever before for fraudsters to piece together false personas from details and photos posted online.As a result, they carefully monitor accounts, block cards and contact customers when spending patterns change and they suspect fraudulent use.The same protection is not afforded to the victims of imposter online accounts.The security issues surrounding this type of identity theft can be wide ranging.” Fake profiles on Tinder may appear harmless.

However, as this is an unlikely reality, there are steps you can take to mitigate the risks (even though, really, responsibility shouldn’t lie with the potential victim).Biswas himself is pretty familiar with online dating, having been on it for seven years before deciding to revamp his profile."There's plenty of good looking people on dating apps..really tough to stand out on photos alone."I hate the thought of men looking at my picture and thinking I'm looking to hook up.If my friends have seen these accounts with my face on them, who else has?

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So - as fake profiles on Tinder can be difficult to identify and the tech companies appear unwilling to help - is there anyway to ensure that your social media photos don’t fall into the hands of scammers?

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