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Woman B: We officially signed a lease 11 months into the relationship.Man A: We got an apartment together after almost four full years of a long-distance relationship.Then we lived two hours apart for another two years while we both lived with our parents.Woman A: Yes, I lived with both of my previous ex-boyfriends. This was my first "real" relationship that lasted longer than a couple months. We already slept over at each other's houses every night so we figured we may as well live together.Should you split your rent even-steven if one person has a lot more money or if someone has more debt? We met freshman year of college, started "pursuing" each other in fall of 2014, and then got together at a friend's wedding. We've dated for seven years, since she was a junior in college and I was a senior.Most importantly: Is it OK to get petty if your partner eats all your peanut butter? Woman A: We have officially lived together for about 8 1/2 years.Man A: We pretty much split everything down the middle — cable/internet, electricity, groceries, eating out, entertainment, etc.

As a general rule, if one asks the other on a date, they pay unless the other offers to split.

It's a bit traditional for me — I'm a pretty big feminist — but also very practical. I'm lucky enough not to have student loans while she does.

Woman A: We did have two roommates when we first moved to NYC, but we couldn't stand it, so after our one-year lease was up, we got our own apartment and we are much happier living together alone.

And my boyfriend lived with his ex-girlfriend as well. I'd spent a summer living with a boyfriend but it went very poorly. I was going to be moving into my parents' basement to save up money to buy my own house so it was good timing for us to move in there together. We're also both busy and we'd never see each other if we didn't live together.

I firmly believe that our relationship would not have lasted the last year if we were not living together.

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  1. Once you’ve seen them, and by seen I don’t mean in photos, either in person or Skype or Facetime or any live video platform, ask them out. Say “Would you like to _____________ with me.” Not, “Hey, me and my friends are going to be ______, wanna meet us?