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I also have some not so fond memories of crying in my car to sad songs once I realized I got carried away. There’s so many layers to love, and in turn, there’s just as many layers to relationships. If you want that and you’re lucky enough to get that, there’s a small window of time in your life before that happens in which you get to hang out with different people you’re sexually attracted to and do mindless stuff. We went to concerts, we danced at an open mic, we didn’t see each other for a few weeks because we got super busy.There’s all this compromise and adjusting and listening and understanding. There’s also this unparalleled depth and warmth that comes from being partners. I thought it was ending when it was just revving up.

Well, let’s start by taking a look at the seemingly superior, prevailing format.

And not just any redesign, a redesign of time itself. I highly recommend viewing this as a design exercise rather than a serious proposal. The rest of the world is proud of its rational metric system and logical dating scheme. How could America’s wonky dating format possibly make any sense?

In the fashion of most unsolicited redesigns, I’ve done it quickly, with little to no research, and with no intent to actually accomplish anything. At least when it comes to time and units of measurement—America is widely regarded as dense.

So far, both formats have shunned the year to the end of the date.

I think there’s actually a great reason for this, which I’ll dive into in a moment.

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A year is bigger than a month, which in turn is bigger than a day. But while the day may indeed be the most relevant piece of information in a given date, it doesn’t mean much without context, and the context only comes later. Consider if someone told you that your car keys are inside the blue box, which is inside the cabinet.

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