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Maggie is the daughter of Hershel Greene and older half-sister of Beth.Maggie is strong, caring and brave and a main asset to the group.After the prison is destroyed, he forms a brief bond with Beth Greene until she is abducted.He later finds her at Grady Memorial Hospital and is devastated when she is killed by Dawn Lerner during the exchange, going so far as to shoot Dawn dead.After the group joins Alexandria he is given the role of a new recruiter alongside Aaron.Carol was a wife and mother before and during the apocalypse.Maggie is the last remaining member of the Greene family after Hershel and Beth’s deaths.

He takes over leadership of the community after Deanna Monroe's death and later forms a relationship with fellow survivor Michonne. He fled with Lori and Shane after the apocalypse, thinking his father was dead.

Daryl is the younger brother of Merle and is the camp's expert hunter and tracker, his signature weapon being a crossbow.

Daryl is a violent and short-tempered man at first, but he soon forms a close bond with fellow survivor Carol Peletier and slowly becomes Rick's most trusted right-hand man and an important asset to the group.

The title of the series refers to the survivors, and not the actual zombies Dave Erickson, writer and producer of AMC's Low Winter Sun, is confirmed to be the showrunner.

In March 2014, Robert Kirkman has noted that the new series is not technically a spin-off, because none of the characters from the TV Series will be involved.

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She becomes cold in her killing, however after meeting Morgan the effects of all the people she has killed begin to weigh on her, causing her to flee from Alexandria.

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