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The average date of first freeze in East Glacier, Montana is September 13.It is only then that one can assess whether the glaciers are getting bigger or smaller than in previous years.The nearby Many Glacier Hotel features pictures on its walls showing the Grinnell’s decline from the 1880s to 2008.

"Breakup and Early Seafloor Spreading between India and Antarctica." Geophysical Journal International 170, no. References Antretter, M., Steinberger, B., Heider, F., Soffel, H. Paleolatitudes of the Kerguelen hotspot: new paleomagnetic results and dynamic modelling, Earth Planet.

Upon our return to the Hotel after visiting the Glacier, we noticed that our brand-new photos appear to show that the Grinnell Glacier has grown slightly from the 2008 images that are displayed on the Hotel walls.

There has been no reporting of this in any newspaper or broadcast that we know of.

(In fact, all news coverage reports the precise opposite.) The smaller Gem Glacier—which is visible from the valley miles below—also appears to be slightly larger than it is shown in 2008 pictures on display. [to obtain phone info use contact form] or rogerroots [at]

We did not have enough people this year to trek to other glaciers.

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