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In order to be accepted into the Evangelical Lutheran Church, converts must attend and pass the religious training phase, undergo the confirmation ceremony and be in regular contact with the parish for three months.Pastor Julin says the process represents a significant shift in faith and values.10 everyday inventions that you used today but never knew were invented by Muslims “I haven’t been in contact with my family in Afghanistan for a very long time.If they find out I’ve converted, it would mean trouble for me,” Golamir Hossaini says.The teaching itself is in English, with a Dari interpreter on hand via Skype.The need for special religious education first arose a year ago, coinciding with the establishment of the Imatra reception centre.Secondly, the fact that respondents were allowed to say they had “a lot” or “some” sympathy rather than a forced choice between “some” or “none” is significant.Methodologically, the moderate choice in a poll is disproportionately likely to be picked; this inflates the number of people with sympathy.

Racist Norway anti-immigrant group mistakes bus seats for Muslim women in burkas Finnish Evangelical Lutheran parishes have begun organising confirmation schooling for Muslim asylum seekers who want to convert to Christianity.

Across all comparisons she found similar levels of support in Muslim communities and the general population and concluded last year that it was possible to “say with certainty that public opinion polls have no value for estimating the number of prospective and likely extremists and terrorists”.

today published figures showing that in one week since the Paris attacks, hate crimes against Muslims have increased by 300 per cent in the UK.

There have been high-profile examples of British people going to fight on the side of, for instance, the Kurds, who are fighting against Isis.

Much of the media coverage of these people has been quite positive and such fighters were labelled “heroes” in the national press after a Channel 4 documentary aired about them in September.

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There are also questions about whether it is possible to accurately poll British Muslims, who make up about five per cent of the UK population, with a telephone poll with a 1,000 person sample size.

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