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Once I did buy it, it became my signature and I haven't looked back. While I have loved other perfumes that were more part of a trend, their appeal wore off over time. It's seriously classy and there is nothing else like it. Beautiful sensual floral composition with added vanilla. I had a mishap with my original bottle by smashing it whilst dusting my perfume shelf. I detect lemon and vanilla, powder and some woodiness I own many perfumes and have several favorites .

Best of all it does not scream "vanilla" or " fruit juice". I usually use 1 to 3 light sprays, and it lingers nicely. I was wary of a fragrance with so many different fruit notes listed, but they blend beautifully--none individually identifiable, just there to enhance the rest of the fragrance.And I know when "office-safe" is mentioned in a review, many people associate it with boring but this is not the case for Allure EDT.I love everything vanilla but some vanilla fragrances are simply too much for the office.Anyone who has had this in the little dab on parfum bottles could You message me about how long it lasts on your skin etc. I'll remove this as soon as I get an answer or two cheers ! This was the first perfume purchased for me by a boyfriend, back in 1996.I was feeling nostalgic and ordered a bottle off e Bay and wow... Soft but sophisticated, light on the peach, heavy on the sandalwood in the dry down. To me, it is a complex blend of soft citrus and vanilla.

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