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It is two years that I, myself, have been in a relationship with a bi. I have seen women who did not like their husband so they become attracted to a girl and after a short while, they forget everything.And I can tell you that I became sometimes naughty [that I wanted to be with someone else] but I can trust that she never did so. One of my friends committed suicide after a year because a woman, who wanted to forget her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, started dating her, and unfortunately, the future of a person was ruined [by suicide].” Some homosexuals, in their description of bisexuals, resort to heterosexuals’ homophobic sentiments and clichés.The Persian LGBT publications, such as “Cheragh,” has been set up for the Iranian bisexuals, though most of its content is either related to homosexuality or transsexuality.Similarly, many documentaries made in recent years about Iranian LGBT community, and academic research conducted on this issue, lack any attention to Iranian bisexuals.The same logic goes with human rights report that has addressed the LGBT situation in Iran.In a 2010 report of Human Rights Watch (HRW) about the situation of the LGBT community in Iran, bisexuals were described and judged by homosexuals.Peyghambarzadeh holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Tehran University, and a master’s degree in gender studies from the Lund University in Sweden.

In the same report, Shadi, a 23-year-old lesbian, said: “There are a lot bisexual women in Iran who are actually lesbians, but they have to be bisexual in order to survive.” Also, the HRW report states that “Several lesbians who spoke to Human Rights Watch said that many married women in Iran who had relationships with women on the side did not self-identify as lesbians but thought of themselves as bisexuals.” From this perspective, the category of bisexuality does not exist, and even a number of Iranian homosexuals argue in favor of removing bisexuality as an independent category within the Iranian LGBT community.

The following is the most common clichés about bisexuals in Persian media: Persian media have provided little room for bisexuals’ independent voice, and homosexuals have primarily represented sexual minorities.

One of the most common clichés is that there is no such category as bisexuality among diverse categories of sexualities and sexual practices.

For instance, the blogger of the blog, hamjensgaray e man bavar nakon tanhaeeiat ra,” and states: “ or bisexual is a person who sexually engages in same-sex relationship, and emotionally gets involved with opposite sex; in long term, s/he will be attracted to opposite sex and marry him/her.

If you ask a hamjensbaz to select between a man and a woman, the choice of same-sex partner will be a temporary choice; [this is something that] some psychiatrists identify it as sexual curiosity and some say that the person acts upon his/her same-sex urges because s/he doesn’t have access to opposite sex.” This blogger also believes that psychiatrists can “cure” bisexuals.

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