Updating d3 database using excel

So again in the interest of concision I’ll skip these for now.

We just saw that with React, we can create a DOM element, then immediately after, call a function to do whatever we want, such as manipulating that element. We can create components that are, essentially, an SVG element, then use component Did Mount to perform D3 magic on that element.

We conveniently have a div with the id “root” in the HTML part of the pen). Oh, so before there was a my Div, there was a my Span.In the next post, we’ll see how to set up a simple web app and we’ll create our first example app.This article is part of my series Visualization with React.We’re going to have three classes: Chart, at the highest level; Scatterplot, a child of Chart; and Points. What it passes depends on whether the button is clicked.That button changes the state of Chart (which causes a rerendering of the Scatterplot and the Point elements).

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