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A: If we don’t get some support, people will think we’re nuts. Q: Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring and good-looking? Q: What is the difference between an illegal immigrant and E. A: The hockey player takes a shower after three periods. A: Boo-Bees Q: What's the difference between a gay man and a refrigerator?

Q: What’s the best part about sex with twenty—eight-year-olds? Q: What’s the difference between a pregnant woman and a lightbulb? Q: What does one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob? Q: What’s the difference between anal and oral sex? A: Both spend more time in your wallet than on your dong. A: Eric Clapton would never let a bag of coke fall out the window Q: What's the difference between a hockey player and a hippie chick?

All you have to do to see this is turn on a television or pick up a newspaper.

I spend a lot of time discussing our nightmarish economic and political headaches in this column, but the truth is that our problems go much deeper than that.

She pressed and swept across my crotch three times horizontally and three times vertically.

Q: What should you do if your girlfriend starts smoking? A: Chicken Poodle soup Girls are like math problems.Until we get our hearts right, there is not much hope for the future of this once great nation. The following are 25 signs of extreme social decay….#1 We have come to accept that it is “normal” that security goons should be allowed to touch the private parts of our women and our children in the name of “national security”. Q: What's the difference between being hungry and being horny? A: Because his wife died Q: What do you call two lesbians in a closet? Q: What do you call a 13 year old girl from Kentucky who can run faster than her six brothers? A: Because he only comes once a year, and it's down your chimney. Q: What’s the difference between a pick-pocket and a peeping tom? I nicknamed my dong "Coin Flip" because it's always getting either head or tail. Q: How do you make your girlfriend scream during sex? The only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's butt and wait.

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In the decades following World War II, the United States was the most powerful and the most prosperous nation on the entire planet, but now things are rapidly changing.

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