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It came and went with no longing effect whatsoever.

One of the more positive aspects was the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane (Stana Katic).

When Brainiac sends a drone to Earth Superman (Matt Bomer) goes on a quest to stop him before he can bring harm to Superman’s adopted home. Quinn), who has recently arrived on Earth herself, has witness Brainiac’s power firsthand when he attacked and abducted the city of Kandor on Krypton.

She fears that even with Superman and her new found powers that Earth stands no chance against the power of Brainiac.

This appetizer to this summer’s tent pole leaves you wishing you could just skip to the main course.

For a film that’s main conflict is an alien invasion its scope felt relatively small.

When Brianiac descends upon these cities it is as if the entire invasion takes place on one single city street.

Lois has been made aware of Clark Kent’s secret identity, and has begun dating the ‘Man of Steel’.

Dating a superhero has its problems, and Superman is shown he is capable of being the jealous type.

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The animation and voice acting are both handled with care, but neither is given that much to work with.

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