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The big news is the new dual overhead cam 1200 cc (actually 1170 cc) engine!

The BMW R 1200 RT has always been acknowledged as the epitome of comfortable and dynamic motorcycle touring in classic style.

Interacting with the upgraded intake system, throttle butterfly manifolds now offer 1.97 inches instead of the former 1.85 inches (HP2 Sport: 2.05 inches) opening clearance, newly designed intake air manifolds and an air filter element with increased volume capacity, the engine as in the past develops maximum output of 110 hp, now at 7,750 rpm.

The biggest improvement, however, is the increase in maximum torque to 88 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm.

To reduce ram pressure and improve the sound of the engine, the rear silencer unchanged in its exterior design versus the former models comes with a modified interior structure.

As in the past, power is transmitted through the six-speed gearbox already upgraded in the 2008 model year, with larger bearing diameters and a modified gap between shafts.

Valves are operated by very light rocker arms able to cope easily with high engine speeds.

Also, the range of useful engine speed has been increased by 500 rpm to a maximum 8,500 rpm.It has, however, been further upgraded and optimized for the BMW R 1200 RT to meet the specific requirements of an outstanding tourer.With the 1170-cc boxer engine on the former model “already offering superior drive power under all conditions and in all situations”, according to BMW, the new R 1200 RT has even more to offer.This document describes TFHRC’s plans for providing national leadership in highway research by advancing its own endeavors and by coordinating activities managed by other FHWA and U. Department of Transportation offices, and external partners.November 5, 2009 – BMW today announced the new 2010 R1200RT, along with the 2010 1200GS and R1200GS Adventure (info).

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The third improvement is a significant increase in torque where it really counts at low and medium engine speeds, with a “smooth and homogeneous torque curve”, according to BMW.

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