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He was requested by rural residents located in the vicinity of Florence, Coolidge and Casa Grande, Arizona, to create a type of public authority that would be authorized to provide them and others in the area with electricity.

The first attempt to form a district known as Electrical District No.

Excavated for the first time by Mexican archaeologist Manuel Gamio in 1917, the original height is estimated to have been 27 meters.Gamio discovered four galleries and a central staircase that went to the summit.The site was been dated to the 1st century AD, and is believed to have been the oldest pyramid structure in the New World predating Teotihuacan, north of Mexico City.This time, when judicially challenged, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the authorizing legislation. 2 (ED2) was the first of its kind in the United States, predating the creation of other electrical districts throughout Pinal county (Electrical District No’s 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6) and also in Maricopa County (Electrical District No’s. ED2 has chosen to be and remains today a full-service electric utility.To avoid any comparison with the first district and any confusion in 1923 over the financing of such a new entity, the first actual district organized and validated under the statute was named Electrical District No. The District serves all classes of customers (residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural). Eleven Mile Corner Road Casa Grande, AZ 85194 Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday am to pm Phone: (520) 723-7741 Toll Free: (800) 259-1306 Fax: (520) 723-5252 Remit Payments To: Electrical District No.

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Some history of the tournament indicates the team competition was actually conducted as early as 1908, before the association of golf clubs was formally developed.

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