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Browse our members and find some hot and horny action near you! I just got out of a relationship and I am not looking for anything serious.On I find I can be myself through the messages and get to know a girl before we meet.To some guys, negging is Speak to women as though they are children — because emotionally, they are.They have the same small passions and cravings for fantasy that children have — girls just want to have fun ...Later, he also goes on to say, "A Neg also serves to blast through her Bitch Shield."I don't know, but I really don't think someone who calls women "bitches" finds them to be equals.So yeah, as you can imagine, the reasons for why guys neg are founded in completely ludicrous and offensive theories and beliefs about women. There's NO legitimate, valid or sane reason for why a guy should be negging you. From a young age, we're taught "boys will be boys" and "he teases you because he likes you." But I refuse to accept that guys treat me like shit because they're "just being guys."A guy who is putting me down isn't showing he likes me AT ALL. I found this Reddit thread asking how women react to negs, and the results restored my faith in humanity.

It's misogynistic, stupid and will never get you anywhere (if your goal is a non-toxic, healthy relationship).

”justaguy69 “I got on looking for a but of fun but found a whole lot more. In minutes I was messaging sexy locals and setting up my date for the night.

I have tried other adult dating sites and they never worked for me.

But let's explore what exactly negging looks like and why guys do it so that you can recognize it as it's happening and shut down an a-hole before he has a chance to mind trick you into going on a date with him.

I've had my fair share of shitty negs, in real life as well as online. A backhanded compliment: These are just a few personal examples I've received, and I know many of you may be able to relate.

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