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Dad on the other hand, planned it like this, he wanted to know if Mom would say something or just be silent and submissive -- which turned out to be correct. I not been totally honest about why I have brought you out here to this isolated cove and on my sailboat with no way to escape except by swimming." Cocking her head slightly to the side Mom replied "How so, Mr. I have wanted to fuck you, make love to you, to be naked with you. Inform your mother that nothing will happen to you until the wedding night." "Yes, Master!" Dad further mentioned that while my mother was the perfect wife, she sucked at being a personal assistant.It really started some 30 years before I came into existence.My dad, a well-liked lawyer in a prestigious law firm based out of the District of Columbia.He meets Mom, she was a cute slim blonde woman around 21, and she thought he was a handsome young attorney living the single life without a real companion to fill the void.For him it was love at first sight, she took a little longer.After spending some time together at the social, Dad asked her out on a date for the following evening.

Mom didn't understand and didn't say anything about him pulling away from their passionate kiss. Champion, Pauline, I have a confession to make to you. Should your mother object, we will have separate sleeping arrangements, until the wedding night!It was around five years later that he meets Mom; already purchased a house on the Severn River overlooking the bay; Chesapeake Bay.His one passion before Mom was Sailing, he had the boat slip built for several boats and two being sailboats.Mom finally had had enough she was horny as hell and wanted dad to fuck her -- as she put -- until the cows came home on the second day. Her nipples, hard as pencil erasers, were standing out about a half an inch, her breathing was quick and shallow, Dad slide beside her touching her lightly across her breast, circling her nipples. Whispering in her ear "You will be my slave tonight. I am yours for the taking." "Do you enter this without forces or coercion of any sort from me? " "Oh, Yes, Reginald." "Rule one, unless I specifically tell you, you will call me Master, Sir, or My Lord. When family is visiting, it will be Dear or Reginald.She leaned over and kissed Dad passionately letting him know she was primed and ready for anything he wanted to do. As my slave you must follow all my commands without hesitation or questioning. " "Yes, I enter this agreement of my own free will." Dad pulled both strings and she was naked. You will be My Sweet; but when I call you Honey -- that will be my signal that you are my slave following my commands without drawing attention to the fact you are my slave." "Yes, Master!

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My lawyer father, Reginald or "Reggie, Reg, or Mark -- his middle name; purchased a sizeable property in Severn, Maryland during his law school days.

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