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And I know she appreciated it and loved me more because of it. There were 47 messages in my inbox, each with a profile picture attached. Even though I am married and never wanted an affair I do love her. To protect her from what Naughty could do to her again. " I uttered nervously and then reluctantly logged in. They must have felt something lacking in their lives. Had I not already been married, dating Denise would have made me feel like the luckiest man in the world. The reality of it hit home as we began to see "good" candidates.

As she stood up, she planted another sensuous, wet kiss on my lips and lightly rubbed the front of my panties again. "Yes, each of the five sent at least one picture," I said aloud. Now reply to these candidates and ask for more nude pictures. But most of me was sickened by this turn of events. Now there was little chance that none would fit the bill. I was going to become another man's secret girlfriend. Naughty showed that he/she would not only push the limits but that Naughty could cross the line. And when on the car ride home Denise finally asked what deal I had made to protect her, I couldn't even tell her. We had been holding hands all the way home and when she brought up the deal, she held my hand tighter and thanked me for taking care of her. Still it did not make me happy to accept the conditions.

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